Photography: The Whole Enchilada!

This one-week photography workshop, taught by Master Photographer and Master Artist Kristy Steeves, will cover all the elements that transform the ordinary image into an outstanding work of art. Photography is not just about figuring out the right aperture, lens sharpness, or camera settings. It’s also about important elements such as controlling light and shadows; … Read more

Animal Photography: Metamorphosis AI & Beyond

This one-week animal photography workshop, taught by Master Photographer and Master Artist Judy Reinford, will cover how to transform images into fine art. This program is all about animal photography. It’s great for pet photographers, equine photographers, and people enjoying animals in their local zoo. This week-long class will show how to take images and … Read more

The Fine Art of Water Drop Photography

This one-week macro photography workshop, taught by Master Photographer Tami Mohs, will cover all aspects of water drop photography. It will include planning and shooting macro water drop images to create stunning works of fine art. Do you ever wonder what it takes to create beautiful macro photographs?  We will be going over concepts of … Read more

A Short Chat With Fuzzy Duenkel

Fuzzy Duenkel will teach a Go Home, a Portrait Photography Lighting course at the PPSNYS Workshop in the Finger Lakes on July 23-28, 2023. Details about the class can be found on the link, but we scheduled a short interview to learn more. You can find Fuzzy Duenkel’s website and gallery of work at Duenkel … Read more

A Short Chat With Mark Bowie

Havana Glen Waterfall is an example of landscape photography by Mark Bowie.

In anticipation of PPSNYS Workshop, the photography school run by the PPA Community Network, Professional Photographers Society of New York State, we’re interviewing the instructors. Mark Bowie will be teaching Waterfall, Trees, and Night Sky, a Landscape Photography class that takes full advance of the school’s setting in the stunning Finger Lakes. Here’s what he has … Read more

A Short Chat With Karen McCall

We can’t wait for the PPSNYS Workshop, the weeklong photography school taking place in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. But the lineup includes three amazing instructors, so how to choose? That’s why we’re meeting up with each teacher in our debut Coffee Chat series to get the scoop on what to … Read more

Spring Photography Workshops In NY

Twice a year, PPA Photography Workshops take place, offering an opportunity for both PPA members and non-members to enhance their skills and contribute to the photography industry. These workshops are held for two weeks during May and September and involve more than 175 photo workshops across the country. During this time, professional photographers open their … Read more

Go Home: Portrait Photography Lighting

Portrait photography lighting is one of the most important factors that can make or break a portrait. Lighting can help create a mood and emphasize certain features while minimizing others. The key to successful portrait lighting is understanding how to manipulate light to create the desired effect. There are many different lighting techniques that can … Read more

Waterfalls, Trees, And Night Sky Landscape Photography

Amongst the rolling hills and panoramic vistas of the glacially-carved Finger Lakes tumble some of the most scenic waterfalls in the country.  There are over two hundred named falls, including Taughannock Falls, the highest in New York State. The possibilities for unique images are astounding.  Each waterfall has its character; some drop like bridal veils, … Read more