The Fine Art of Water Drop Photography

This one-week macro photography workshop, taught by Master Photographer Tami Mohs, will cover all aspects of water drop photography. It will include planning and shooting macro water drop images to create stunning works of fine art.

Do you ever wonder what it takes to create beautiful macro photographs?  We will be going over concepts of color and design and how to apply them to our planning. We learn what macro and macro expressionism is and what equipment options we can use as well as software to assist. What are the differences between and benefits of single-shot images to stacked focus images?  What obstacles do we need to be aware of when we are shooting? We will have the opportunity to put what we have learned into practice, and then practice more!

We will be taking those images and going over the best editing practices. We will compare the result between stacking in Photoshop as well as Helicon Focus. We will be finding the best compositions within our images and finding the best ways to bring out exactly what you want the viewer to see! I will show you how I get my images to come to life and lift off the page and over the edges of the presentation!

This workshop is fully hands-on! So, bring those cameras, tripods, and computers, and be prepared to have fun creating!

A more detailed equipment list will be emailed to those registered.

About Tami Mohs

Growing up on a farm in central Minnesota has given me endless opportunities to experience nature on a close and personal level. As a child, I would be outside exploring the details of everything around me in the grasses and wildflowers surrounding our home as well as wandering through the woods looking for something unique or interesting.

I began drawing at a young age and continued on to drawing and painting in College as well as taking classes on photography and graphic design. After marrying and starting a family, we had an opportunity to live abroad in Sweden. It was there that I began to get serious about my photography. Having an infant at the time helped me to re-explore and focus on macro images as I had plenty of opportunities without the need to go anywhere other than my own backyard.

After looking back at the work I had done in painting and drawing, I realized that I had come full circle as I had been doing the same subject matter, using each of the three focuses I had studied in college, and now have the ability to bring it to life with a different medium.

Photography Degrees: CPP, Master Photographer

Learn more about Tami Mohs on her website at Tami Mohs Photography.

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REMINDER: There is a $100 discount for the PPSNYS Workshop if the retainer is received before April 30th.

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