Creating Better Landscape Photography

This one-week animal photography workshop, taught by Master Photographer Joe Brady, will inspire participants to capture beautiful landscapes.

This class is designed to help you to create better landscapes, by learning to see composition,  how subject placement affects the image, and how to create harmony and flow in your photographs. This is accomplished by using the photographer’s position, knowing how focal length choices impact an image, and understanding what to include and what to exclude by selectively adding and subtracting elements in each shot. 

The goal of a great Landscape Photograph is to invite the viewer into the scene, entice them to linger and explore, and gently nudge them back when their eyes venture to the edges of an image. To do this, we will use color, light, and objects in the scene to create subliminal paths to the subject, and by using those same tools to keep the viewer from leaving.

The most important aspect of a Landscape Photo is composition. This means creating a pleasing and balanced set of elements that support the main subject while adding interest in their own right. Balance is also achieved by understanding the importance of the relative physical sizes of elements in the image and how you can ensure that the primary subject becomes the place where a viewer’s eyes naturally go.

To aid in the path towards consistently creating great compositions, learning to visualize the final image will help us to better understand how to see the opportunities around us before ever pressing the shutter. We will pay attention to the light and the shadows, and learn to see how much can be included in an image depending on the size, aspect ratio, and orientation that will produce the best print.

The final piece of our journey will have us explore image editing and enhancements. Since our cameras don’t see the way our eyes do, becoming comfortable with Lightroom and Photoshop and the specific techniques, tools, and workflow that apply to Landscape Photography is extremely important. In this part of our image journey, we will cover color workflow to consistently get prints that look like the images we see on our monitors.

Ansel Adams famously said “Landscape Photography can be both the ultimate joy and the ultimate disappointment” – join us and see how to create photographs that bring you joy!

About Joe Brady

Joe Brady is a full-time professional photographer, educator, author, photo workshop leader and studio owner. He is a sought-after speaker delivering inspirational and instructional talks at photo events around the US and Europe. 

Joe has been part of  Sony’s Artisans of Imaging family, is an X-Rite Coloratti, a FotoPro Ambassador, is an author on LinkedIn Learning and holds both Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America.

Joe’s images and videos appear in many advertising campaigns and websites for photo industry companies including Novoflex, Hensel, X-Rite, Sekonic and Fotopro and his YouTube photography How-To videos now total over 3.5 million views to date. His 34 hours worth of step-by-step image editing software training videos, have been a favorite among photographers learning to shape and enhance their Raw images with both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Joe’s Photo-Centric Newsletter, “FotoFriday”, which contains news, a blog post, gear and book reviews, events and workshops, goes out to over 10,000 readers every Friday. Joe is also a recipient of the Fuji Masterpiece Award for his landscape photography, and he also teaches photography workshops around the world, specializing in scenic and panoramic landscapes and environmental, location and studio portrait photography. 

One of his great joys is to see photographers in his classes have that “Ah-Hah!” moment leading them to capture beautiful images consistently. 

His landscape website can be viewed at

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REMINDER: There is a $100 discount for the PPSNYS Workshop if the retainer is received before April 30th.

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