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Portrait photography lighting is one of the most important factors that can make or break a portrait. Lighting can help create a mood and emphasize certain features while minimizing others. The key to successful portrait lighting is understanding how to manipulate light to create the desired effect.

There are many different lighting techniques that can be used, such as natural light, studio lighting, or a combination of both. Some common lighting setups include using a main light source, a fill light to soften shadows, and a hair light to add depth and dimension. It’s important to also consider the direction of the light and the quality of the light source, whether it’s soft or harsh.

With the right lighting setup, a portrait can capture the subject’s essence and convey emotion to the viewer.

Fuzzy Duenkel will show you how his choices contribute to or detract from the creative process. Each item must be portable, quick, and effective. He will cover lighting theory and various light modifiers since total light control is essential for quality images. Lighting principles are constant, but the tools needed will vary based on whether working indoors or outdoors. Indoors, lighting consists mostly of added lighting, but outdoors, light control involves subtracting bad light and adding good light. If you’re not doing this… your images aren’t as strong as they can be!

What Will Be Covered In The Portrait Lighting Workshop

Fuzzy will share the tools and techniques of digital manipulations to transform images from “OK” to “WOW!”

  • Equipment Choices
  • Software Choices
  • Make-up Suggestions
  • Composition for Stronger Images
  • Ambient Lighting on Sunny and Cloudy Days
  • Using Reflectors To Add Dimension
  • Ways To Help Your Subject Stand Out From The Background
  • Subtractive Lighting To Avoid ‘racoon eyes”
  • Translucent Scrims
  • Continuous Lighting (LED)
  • Speedlight Flash, TTL (Through The Lens) Exposure
  • Powerful Flash
  • Indoor Lighting Techniques and Diagrams
  • How To Find Locations With Portrait Light Quality
  • Working In and Around Clients’ Homes For Unique Images
  • Gelled Lighting
  • Color Management and Consistency Control
  • Photoshop Stacking for Lighting Correction
  • Various Filters for Emotional App

Fuzzy will show you how to create custom portraits that transcend the ordinary. You won’t learn how to do more… you’ll learn how to do better. Fuzzy preference is going to each subject’s home and anywhere

The result is a powerful collection of images that reflect that subject’s lifestyle, interests, and attitude. Fuzzy doesn’t try to make images that sell… and that is precisely why they sell. Fuzzy’s program shows many “before and after” images to demonstrate the benefits of all the lighting tools he uses.

Fuzzy will spend time covering the selection of photo sites on location. Site selection is particularly crucial for image design, posing inspiration, and theme.

Fuzzy is a master at outdoor and indoor lighting techniques similar to those used in the fashion/commercial industry but scaled down for the photographer who chooses to work without an assistant.

This workshop is guaranteed to teach you key techniques and give you a fresh perspective.

About Fuzzy Duenkel

In 1975, Fuzzy and Shirley Duenkel of West Bend, Wisconsin started their “mom and pop” business, as many photographers do, when a friend asked Fuzzy to photograph her wedding. In 1996, the Duenkels dropped weddings to concentrate solely on portraits.

Fuzzy’s business evolved into a specialty studio, Duenkel Portrait Art, with under 100 total sessions per year. While he photographed babies, children, families, couples, glamour, and business portraits, high school seniors have always been his favorite.

Seniors are his easiest subjects since they require little space (unlike families), hold still (unlike kids), do
what they’re told (unlike babies), understand English (unlike pets), and will give him as much time as he needs (unlike weddings).

Fuzzy practically insists on working on location with each session. Fuzzy feels his specialty is his total comfort with creating portraits in clients’ homes, especially if he has never been there before. His goal is to make a variety of images that don’t necessarily look like they were done in the clients’ bedrooms, garages, or hallways…even though they were!

To learn more about the Go Home Portrait Photography Class, check out our video interview, Coffee Chat With Fuzzy Duenkel.

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