From Drab To Fab! Photoshop Class

In the Drab To Fab! Photoshop Class at the PPSNYS Workshop, you will learn how to use all the tools in Photoshop to create a work of art or simply do
corrective painting.

The class will cover the difference between the brush tool and the mixer brush. You will learn how to use the blend modes using the brush tool. Add highlights and shadows easily using the brush tool.

We will also cover when and how to use the smudge tool. See how easily you can smudge your problems away. Learn how to use the mixer brush for corrective painting. Lighting patterns, blemishes, eyeglass glare, and stray hairs can be fixed easily.

Learn where you should add highlights to the face without changing the shape of your client’s face.

We will also go over the process of adding elements to your portrait to enhance the story of your portrait. Add a flower or bird to a girl’s hand and blend easily.

About Karen McCall

Karen McCall lives in Natick, MA, with her husband, two sons, and one golden doodle.

Karen started photography many moons ago with film and negatives. She earned her master’s degree in 1999 and was certified in 2004. But it was after a painting class in 2016 that she was truly able to create like a child again.

In 2019 she earned her Master Artist Degree and Image Excellence Degree. Now it’s time
to give back.

She earned her craftsmen degree in 2020 and loves to teach and mentor. You can find her photo galleries on her website at

Karen Has won numerous awards since she has been painting and 7 GIA nominations. Diamond / Double Diamond photographer with 17 loan images in the past two years.

Karen is a World Cup Finalist this year.

To learn more about the Drab To Fab! Photoshop Class, check out our Coffee Chat with Karen McCall.

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